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☆ welcome to the science lab!! ☆

sylveon plush png HELLO!! welcome to my site!! please dont mind the chemical spills, i wasnt expecting company... (>︿<)

this site is not ideal looking on mobile really, but it's usable! there are some javascript elements but nothing important to how the website functions.

take a look at the navigation at the top of the page to get scavenging around!

to do list

  • finish art and graphics tabs
  • make more diary entrys
  • add alt text for ALL images
  • make/find a new website song/playlist

song of the week

SEKAI-chan to KAFU-chan no Otsukai Gassoukyoku - Minami no Minami
gif of the week

look at this freaking guy. jiggle jiggle jiggle
this website is more for me than anyone else, so it will be extremely "cringe" and self-indulgent... X[
it is also under construction CONSTANTLY! i update this thing all the dang time!!