a pixel of a red strawberry a pixel of a red pocketknife opening and closing

a pixel of moving halloween scenery, such as trees and a bat, with an orange background a pixel of an orange pumpkin

a pixel of ramen coming out of a cup of noodles using chopsticks a pixel of two wine glasses clinking a pixel of a lightbulb flashing on and off

a pixel of a blue, liquid looking moon with some specs looking like stars around it a pixel of a blue and green gradient fish with tiny pink sparkles around it

a pixel of kuromi, the sanrio character, coming out of an envelope a pixel of a purple bat with pink hearts surrounding it

a pixel of a pink lollipop with a purple and blue star next to it a pixel of a pink umbrella with flashing pink hearts next to it on either side

a pixel of a beige puppy napping with a blue zzz above him a pixel of a beige puppy walking toward the quote camera unquote of the pixel

a pixel of a yellow, purple, and blue rainbow a pixel that flashes between saying cute in rainbow letters and a pink flashing heart a pixel of a vanilla cake with white frosting and flashing rainbow candles a pink, purple, and blue pixel with the letters zzz a pixel of a spinning cat flashing rainbow a pixel of a white cat throwing pink hearts upwards a pixel of a rainbow lollipop a pixel of cinnamoroll, the sanrio character, waving his arms and smiling a pixel of cinnamoroll with a tophat on a pixel of black and white sushi