december 17th, 2023

finals ended up being fine!!! yay!! my lowest semester grade is just an 80% and that was in AP precal so i would say im doing pretty okay!! most of my grades are 95%+ so thats amazing!! however ive been super exhausted lately and im not excited to have to work over winter break still... X( i stream my schools basketball games and i think it should be ILLEGAL for them to have games over winter break smh.
overall an ok past few days... ive been wanting to work on this website but im just so busy!!!
OH AND i got my very first commisioned website!!! im gonna get $250 FOR IT. isnt that awesome???? im working on it with a friend and we get $500 in total!! for a simple interactive business website!! im so excited!!

december 11th, 2023

FINALS ARE BEATING MY BUTTTT.. like they havent even started yet but im stressed... X( mainly because of precal tbh... she makes it harder cus its an AP class.. im very confident in most of the rest... idk.
ive been redrawing and reworking some of my batman au characters for funsies. idk if i will ever release it into the public just cus its not that cool and my boyfriend has basically better versions of my ideas. maybe one day who knows..!
ive been super motivated to work on this site but i have no time during school and then when i get home im too tired from school to work on it.... OH THE AGONY OF THE NEVER ENDING CYCLE!!

december 8th, 2023

heyyy. ive had a rough couple of days. :[ but its fine! im looking forward for winter break later this month. hopefully finals arent too bad (i dont think they will be)
ive been missing a lot of school for extraciriculars like band and media lately, which sucks because its that time where every teacher starts prepping for said finals! ive had to make up sm work especially for english because we were watching the crucible (L movie)

december 3rd, 2023

i had a pretty good day today. ive been very up and down lately though. :( my mood has been all over the place and it's sucked. i just hope it fixes itself soon!
all around a chill day though. i watched a lot of tv and made some cool perlers (seen below!)